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Belly up to the bar at Cerveceria Internacional, the largest beer selection in all of Seville. So large in fact that you will need to read ten to fifteen pages of the menu to decide what you want. For easier ordering there is also a display on many of the bottles behind the bar, plus several more popular choices on tap. Tapas aren't the thing to try with your beer in the bar, but I recommend ordering the alcaparras, or capers, which are some of the best in Sevilla.

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In the morning hours stop by the entrance of the Corral del Conde, perhaps the most typical Andalusian patio you will see. At one time this was a corral de vecinos, where residents had simple living quarters but shared large kitchens and bathrooms. Today there are mostly small apartments. Many movies have been filmed here, when a step back in time was needed as a backdrop. Do stop by in the morning because in the afternoon the doors will almost certainly be closed. You'll find the corral on calle Santiago. corral-conde[1].jpg (12907 bytes)









Are you visiting Seville with that special someone? Perhaps the one you plan to spend the rest of your life with? Drag that someone down to the Ayunamiento and pass under the arch which joins Plaza San Francisco and Plaza Nueva. Local legend says you will marry the person with which you pass under the arch. If you decide you've made a mistake then find yourself a broom and sweep the feet of that person. An old saying in these parts is if your feet are "swept" then you won't marry. ayuntamiento[1].jpg (11944 bytes)



As you walk through the city try to find a car - anywhere - which doesn't have a scratch or dent on it. If you rented a car you'll know why it is always recommended to park in a garage!





When in the Plaza Nueva find the escudo, or team crest of Real Betis Balompie in the ground. There are several of these mosaic type stone sections in the plaza, some with designs and others with something more typical. You could look for the Sevilla team crest, but why?
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